Blue Flag Campaing


The Foundation for Environmental Education has informed us that once again the CN Cambrils has been awarded the Blue Flag. Thanks to our latest reforms, we have expanded the selective waste collection service, thus improving our electrical and water installations for to improve consumption management and we have also changed the lighting in the Ribera area to minimise light pollution.

The Blue Flag is an environmental quality award to marinas that make a special effort in terms of good local nature and environmental management, and provides users with information on environmental topics. To be eligible for the Blue Flag, the Marina must meet a number of requirements related to environmental education and information, environmental management and water quality safety and services.

Some Blue Flag facts:

The Blue Flag is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), an environmental NGO represented by national organizations in 40 countries across 4 continents.

* The Blue Flag is an environmental quality award to beaches and marinas. 

* The Blue Flag covers mainly four areas:

1) Environmental information and education

2) Environmental Management

3) Safety and services

4) Water quality

* The Blue Flag is awarded on a by-season basis and is only valid for as long as the requirements are met. When this is no longer the case, the port authorities must lower the Blue Flag.

* Each FEE national organisation inspects Blue Flag sites in the course of the season.

* You too can help the Campaign by taking part in protecting the environment:

- Observe the environmental conduct code in the Marina and its surrounds and use organic products for paints, detergents, etc.

- Report contamination or other violations of the environmental standards to the authorities.

- Economise in water, electricity and fuel.

- Encourage other boaters to take care of the environment

CNBC Code of environmental conduct

CNCB environmental policy

Blue flag campaign for vessels

In Marinas it is also possible to participate individually in the Blue Flag campaign, which means that the Blue Flag can also be obtained for boats.

How to get the Blue Flag for boats

Skippers interested in collaborating with the Blue Flag should apply for this award.

First step:express an interest in the campaign at the port offices, where they will be given all the necessary information about the campaign, including the code of conduct at Sea (handbook of good practices that is available on this site)

Second step:interested parties undertake to observe the code of conduct, respecting and looking after the marine environment at all times. By giving a good example for other skippers to follow and encouraging them to honour the code of conduct, reporting excesses and misconduct by other vessels.

Third step:The port will issue documentation attesting to the skipper's merits, certifying that they have observed the rules of the campaign. This information will be analysed for the ADEAC-Fee. If the ADEAC considers the skipper worthy, the vessel will be given the Blue Flag.

Blue flag diploma for vessels: Ask for further information at the club offices.


The campaign aims to warn about the possible arrival of jellyfish and/or floating debris off the coast by creating a network of volunteer observers. In addition, the data received will help to broaden the scientific community's knowledge about the biology and ecology of these animals, thus improving jellyfish proliferation prediction systems and knowledge of the distribution of the different species in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

You can download the following document for more information: (jellyfish leaflet)

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